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is crucial to a successful company.

Your branding is the front man to your company and how people perceive it. Every brand and logo should be hand crafted and unique to it’s business. Think of your logo as another Social Insurance Number. It is your company's main piece of identity. A good brand doesn’t stop with just the logo but with how each accompanying element works with it.


is not dead.

Don't believe me? Stop reading for a second and just look around. I bet you'll at least see a graphic t-shirt, or a poster, or quite possibly a label on your drink. The thing is design doesn't stop at logos and websites. If you read it, someone designed it. End of story.


is where the world is expanding.

Everyone spends way to much time on the internet. As you read this, you're spending too much time on the internet. It's a very useful tool, however it has the power to pull someone in and eat up their precious time. So let's create something together to trap more innocent victims in the digital realm.



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