Design is more than expression, it's the answer

Skilled Speeds

I Idle around 3000RPM. I have extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of graphic design areas including print, packaging, web design, and illustration. I am a hobbyist photographer / videographer on the side and no matter what creative field I get into I push forward and always try to further my work in both speed and quality. You can always get better and go faster.

Top Speed

Creative Cranium

I have a curse. I can’t turn off my processor. From my huge imagination as a child to my skilled creativity in adulthood, I use my creativity as a sharp weapon, using it to slice through design problems hitting at the solutions deep within the core. Like a ninja in the night I work my way through my self appointed tasks and never falter when on a tight deadline.

Thoughts Passing Through Brain

Dad Jokes Made

Bad (Good) Puns Made

Inappropriate Comments Left Unsaid

Overjoyed Outlook

I always keep a positive outlook on things (90% of the time, all the time). What is the point of wallowing in self-doubt and sadness? I don’t find it fun to be sad, angry, or worried. Let’s skip those emotions and stick with cool ones, Joy, happiness, love and passion.

Design By Hire is

Ben Cuppage

Ben Cuppage

From an early age, Ben has been gifted with a vivid imagination, which brought him into the creative field. Ben is currently the graphic designer at a brewpub and has worked in multiple mediums including web, illustrations, videography and photography. He has been running and operating an automotive culture website since 2012.