Overdraft Autolife

Hobbies have a way of sucking up all of your hard earned cash and chewing it into tiny bits

Overdraft: A labour of love.

Overdraft was created for the soul purpose of highlighting the individual who spends all their time, money, sweat and tears into their automotive passion. As gearheads we love all things that go fast, make a lot of noise, and look awesome doing it. It’s ultimately the individual that makes a vehicle unique. It’s the stories they make and the personality they bring to their build that adds to its character.

That’s what Overdraft is about, but let’s go back and discover why and how it came into being in the first place.

What is Overdraft?

It’s bank protection, however in this case it’s an automotive website. To further explain what the website is, let’s travel back in time to its birth.

The Beginning

Flatbroke Status

Was the name Matt Klinck and I landed on for our newfound endeavor. Our goal was relatively simple, run around taking photos of modified cars we thought deserved some recognition. In 2011 there were a few automotive websites that were blossoming, and we felt like the surrounding area we lived in had some pretty neat cars that weren’t being showcased. Magazines were still putting out the best of the best and it always seemed that the underdogs, the guys who didn’t have a rebuilt car were never published.

The name hinged on the fact people who are into car culture and modifying their cars are broke at all times.

The Logo

It was relatively simple, blocky letters with a bit of script. After we got a bit more popular we began to make vinyl stickers and this script became tricky to weed out on smaller decals. So the logo evolved and I created a small mark that could be used to identify ourselves. A split in half B that also makes a F.

A bump in the road

The website gained popularity and was gathering followers on facebook. This was back when facebook wasn’t a pay to be seen type of place. Our name reached Europe, some Japan sites, and America. When a club from the States got word of our site that was designed to showcase cars, clubs, and people they reported us on facebook for stealing their name. I won’t name them here but it actually wasn’t that close to ours (similar concept) but I guess since facebook would rather not deal with the dispute they just closed our account instead.


Like a phoenix

So after a group chat between the four of us. (Ryan and Rob joined us for awhile). We decided to change the name to avoid all this trauma. Filtering through a few different ideas, we wanted more of a corporate sort of approach but with a cool ring to it. “Overdraft” was our answer. It still brings the roots in, as it’s basically dealing with the fact that if you are so broke you drop into the negative, you go into Overdraft. Spending all your money on cars and then some!


After the name change we pushed hard to discover the new and unique. We got sucked up in our ‘local’ car culture even more and attending some amazing events as media providers. We ended up being one of the first few websites to push our local grassroots drifting events and still attend them to this day. Ryan and Rob left the group but we took on two new faces Simon and Brock. Everyone on the site does it out of a passion for the motorsport.


Because of this passion we ended up meeting some amazing people along the way. As Formula Drift entered into Canada we became a media sponsor since day one. This was huge as it’s the biggest form of drifting competition in North America. We now sponsor a local time attack racing team as well as a few local drifters.

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