Redline Brewhouse

Redline Brewhouse is a craft brewery, pub, and gearshop in Barrie, Ontario. Its unique atmosphere and brand is crafted around vintage and hot rod style themes. The Williams family had a vision for their company and brewhouse and I’m glad to have had a part in making their hard work and passion a reality.


Inspiration was gathered from classic garage and motorcycle signs, as well as mechanic suits. I enjoyed the entire journey from concept to final product. Working with an automotive name like Redline helped make it easier as I consider myself to be a gearhead as well, so I could bring multiple passions of mine together.

Here are some of my rough solutions and how the logo evolved through the process.

Brand Standards

Along with the logo I created a booklet that contains the dos and don’ts of using that logo. A unique brand mark was created as well to be used in other applications. With brand recognition eventually this could be used on its own to identify the company.


I designed stationery, menus, coasters, and other promotional handouts early on. Since then I have designed a multitude of print products after being hired on as their graphic designer.

Web Design

When working with Redline Brewhouse initially I was employed at a web design & development company. It was there that I designed the Redline Brewhouse website and worked alongside the developers to insure everything looked and worked perfectly.


An important part of a craft brewery is their can artwork and packaging. Here are some of the original pieces. Since then, the artwork style has evolved but still retains the brand feel and spirit.


Design By Hire is

Ben Cuppage

Ben Cuppage

From an early age, Ben has been gifted with a vivid imagination, which brought him into the creative field. Ben is currently the graphic designer at a brewpub and has worked in multiple mediums including web, illustrations, videography and photography. He has been running and operating an automotive culture website since 2012.