Redline Brewhouse is an automotive themed brewery in Barrie, Ontario.

The name “redline” embodies the spirit of the brewery and family run business by always pushing their work to the limits. High quality local ingredients are used to brew their beer as well as ingredients from North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

The Originals

Their staple beers were in need of a packaging refresh in hopes to bolster sales outside of the brewery. When the brewery began back in 2012, this consisted of an American Pale Ale, Amber Ale, and Golden Ale. Along with the packaging refresh, another core beer was added to the lineup, a Pale Lager.

The Rebrand

Until the new packaging is fully put into production, the core beers are utilizing printed labels. Eventually all four cans will be switch over to shrink-wrap sleeves like Redline’s flagship beer Clutch.

The names of the beers remained consistent to their past as prior customers have already come to know and love Clutch, Check Engine and 5:01. Clutch and Check Engine clearly pull from the automotive theme whereas 5:01 refers to when your shift at the garage would end and beer time would begin.

For the rebrand I wanted to reduce as much as I could from the prior designs while still maintaining the spirit of the originals. Chrome and metallic finishes were chosen to mimic the fresh paint job on a hot rod or metallic accent trim you would find in an engine bay. Beer imagery also made its way inside the designs – this time to link the ingredients to the technical drawings. A lot of the oil spills, scratch marks, and fauxtina were removed but they still retain their rustic look that Redline was looking for.

The main logo shifted throughout the two years of operation to using the R symbol more often, so a new solution presented itself to include Redline Brewhouse and Barrie, Ontario with it. The original garage style oval logo is still used in the Brewpub on a regular basis, alongside the R symbol.

There has been nothing but positive feedback with each redesign rolling out. The cans were released separately based on when the old packaging reserves were depleted. Old customers are embracing the new look, and at the same time the cans being grabbed by new buyers in our government-run liquor stores. Social media interaction is important with so many new breweries opening every month so it’s important to have a can that you just can’t help but photograph. Not to mention that having great looking and great tasting beer next to it just makes it that much better.

If you somehow find yourself in the city of Barrie, Ontario, make sure to stop by and check out Redline Brewhouse.