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is crucial to a successful company.

Your branding is the front man to your company and how people perceive it. Every brand and logo should be hand crafted and unique to its business. Think of your logo as a Social Insurance Number. It is your company’s main piece of identity. A good brand doesn’t stop with just the logo but continues with how each accompanying element works with it.

Print & Packaging

helps you stand out from the competition.

I can work you to create beautiful print pieces ranging anywhere from business cards, postcards, brochures, and booklets to more unique projects like t-shirts, labels, signage, and vehicle wraps.

Web & Social Media

is the future.

The world lives and breathes on the internet nowadays. We’re all connected to each other 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Having effective social media ad campaigns and simple, attractive websites has never been more important.


makes a world of difference.

Great photography can help out a company drastically. More attractive looking product photos can make or break an online sale. Looking back and remembering something can be much more enjoyable with better photos as well. My photography ranges from pets, people & products to loud smoking racecars.



Redline Brewhouse Logo
(any other Redline example)
Overdraft Logo
Currie Logo


Block Heater Can Label
Fridge Signage
Vehicle Wrap
Custom Air Freshener
Custom Solution for Beer Identification
Handouts & Mailers
Label Design & Glassware Design


Food/Product Photography
Automotive Photography
Product Photography
Animal Photography

Design By Hire is

Ben Cuppage

Ben Cuppage

From an early age, Ben has been gifted with a vivid imagination, which brought him into the creative field. Ben is currently the graphic designer at a brewpub and has worked in multiple mediums including web, illustrations, videography and photography. He has been running and operating an automotive culture website since 2012.